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 Ventura County

Definitions of Areas of Emphasis

Addictive Disorders – Includes chemical dependency, eating disorders, impulse control problems (i.e. sexual addiction, workaholics, internet, gambling, porn, etc.)

Child & Adolescent – Includes play therapy, assessment and testing, school issues, leaning difficulties and developmental delays, ADHD treatment, behavioral disorders, mother-infant therapy, parent education, adoption, infertility.

Mood & Anxiety – Includes depression, dysthymia, anxiety disorders (i.e. panic attacks, social and other phobias, obsessive/compulsive disorder)

Trauma & Abuse – Includes PTSD, child abuse, spousal abuse, rape/sexual assault, elder and dependent adult abuse, EMDR therapy, domestic violence, crisis intervention, dissociative identity disorders.

Relationship Issues – Includes couples/partner therapy, premarital, marital and post marital therapy, remarriage, divorce recovery, mediation, issues of sexual orientation, sex therapy, family therapy, blended family issues.

Gerontology/Life Span – Includes caretakers of elderly, Alzheimer’s care, premenopausal and menopausal issues, mid-life crisis issues, life span issues, dementia, chronic illness, loss and grief therapy.

Gender Identity & Sexuality – May include gender, LGBTQIA+, HIV/AIDS/ARC

Multicultural Issues – Includes foreign language, sign language, holocaust and/or refugee survival issues, and generational cultural issues. Blended religious and cultural marriages/relationships.

Related Professionals – LCSW’s, LPCC, Attorneys, Mediators, Psychologists, MDs, and Psychiatrists.

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