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Volunteers of the Year

Keeping VC-CAMFT running smoothly takes a team effort from the many members, all of whom graciously donate their time, energy and various resources in an effort to realize and implement our mission statement to the fullest. With so many dedicated members of our association, in 2004, we felt it appropriate to recognize some of the standout contributors of their time and efforts towards making VC CAMFT a better organization.

Ellyn Goldstein 2004

Candace Webb 2005

Jetta Zellner 2006

Lois Zsarnay 2007

Lisa Mink 2008

Annette Markowitz 2009

———– 2010

Veronica Marchese 2011

Shawn Klein 2012

Denise Dalgarn 2013

Jessica Hup 2014

Audrey Slaugh 2014

Alice Richardson 2015

Veronica Marchese 2016

Paul “Bowie” Hahn 2016

Giselle Teller-Holt 2017

Inajane Nicklas 2018

Corliss Porter 2019

VC-CAMFT Board 2020

VC-CAMFT Board 2021

Josephine “Josie” Koger 2022

Judy Marquez 2022

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